When you look at my galleries of newborn baby photos, you will see lots of relaxed and sleepy babies. But in reality, most babies have some time awake, and I like to make the most of this time!

Newborns can be very alert and can sometimes decide that sleep isn’t for them right away, so I have techniques to photograph babies while they are awake.

I find that time and time again, my clients adore awake photos of their babies so I don’t stress at all if baby is alert… as long as they are happy I keep snapping away! I absolutely love ‘open eye’ shots and often wonder what babies are thinking…

Many of my past newborn photography clients have chosen an “awake” photograph as their favourite image from their session, so I always aim to capture your baby awake as well as asleep!

I very often keep your baby wrapped during the awake stage as it keeps them nice and warm. Wrapping also makes them comfortable and prevents them from startling or scratching themselves and also covers the nappy (as I keep this on during this stage as well to catch any toilet accidents)!

I also have many props, poses and setups which are suitable to use when your baby is both awake and asleep.  So, sometimes, if sleep doesn’t happen at all during the session it’s not a problem as I already have enough images and variety for your gallery by capturing your baby awake.

So, please don’t worry if baby decides to stay awake! You really don’t need to panic if your baby doesn’t sleep during your newborn session.

So you see…if your baby doesn’t sleep during your newborn session there really is no need to worry! Awake shots are just as cute if not better .

If you have any questions about my newborn packages or would like to make a booking, please get in touch , I would love to hear from you .

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